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Rare are the Brazilian municipalities that manage to equate development with
quality of life as perfectly as the city of Santa Cruz do Sul. Acknowledged for its re-
markable growth over the past decades - resulting from the industrialization process
and the strength of the tobacco supply chain, itsmain economic base - the land of Ok-
toberfest has reachedaneconomic level that is not common, witha structureof public
and private services similar to big cities, but without neglecting the organization and
community links that only country towns offer.
It is exactly this equation that has been attracting more and more people to the
municipality. For those who walk around the town there is no way not to admire the
flowery, clean and tree-lined streets, along with the plazas and parks, the excellent
healthcare network, excellent restaurants, and the vast calendar of relevant events,
the bustling evenings and cultural agenda and the variety of tourist attractions, just
tomention a few.
With a spirit of entrepreneurship, high levels of income generation and an increas-
ingly diversified economy, contrary to other towns, Santa Cruz has overcome the ad-
versities stemming from the deep recession experienced by the Country over the past
years. In 2016, the town jumped from the eighth to the sixth position in the ranking of
the GDP in Rio Grande do Sul, outstripping some of the main hubs in the State. Now,
the signs pointing to the full recovery of the economic activities are getting clearer,
with a series of investments now in the pipeline, including some huge projects, and
the resumption of consumption.
It is thiswealth thepublication youhaveat hand intends todisplay. Thepages that
follow feature the characteristics, projects and initiatives that turn Santa Cruz into a
special place and an invitation to lead a good life.
Happy reading!
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