Anuário Brasileiro de Cana-de-açúcar 2017 - page 8

resenting, for some months
now, the effects of the economic
recession, the sugarcane sector
has learned how to find away around adver-
going. The clearest sign of this endeavor be-
comes evident in the 2016/17 growing sea-
son, which comprised the biggest harvested
area in the national territory, withmore than
9 million hectares. These fields were, in their
majority, concentrated in the Center-South
region, home to the biggest national produc-
tion and industrial hub. In other Brazilian re-
gions, the sugarcane fields also show pro-
duction levels that call for a celebration, with
direct reflectionsonsocio-economymatters.
The raw material extracted from these
fieldsmovesagiganticand formidablecom-
plex that gives rise to some of the most es-
sential products indispensable in modern
life. Brazil is, for example, the biggest glob-
al sugar exporter, food that is nowdemand-
ed in ever-larger amounts. Many nations
across the planet rely on Brazil for the sup-
ply of their needs. The Country is not just a
strategic partner with regard to available
volumes; the quality and variety of Brazilian
sugar is an assurance for the clients when it
comes to regular supplies.
While sugar is the product that immedi-
ately comes to mind (the name of the plant
itself attests to it), over thepast decades, the
fuel that powers vehicle fleets, ethanol, has
reached a relevant level. Brazil’s industry
owners have the chance to direct the prod-
uct to the niche that responds with the best
return, or comes as an assurance of sustain-
ability for their companies. Thanks to this
versatility, Brazil is nowa global reference in
themanufacture of ethanol.
On another front, the generation of elec-
tric energy fromthe residues of the industri-
al activity, just like the bagasse that results
from the crushing process of sugarcane
plants, has been a profitable niche for the
supply chain. At a first moment, it supplies
the energy needed by the mill itself; then it
turns into a source of income, as the nation-
al power grid takes advantage of the sur-
plus. Through this strategy, the sector has
contributed towards supplying the Country.
Finally, with a strong cultural expression,
the much cherished cachaça is just another
segment that has always been linked to the
sugarcane sector, where rising exports make
it all the more valuable. In line with all de-
velopments, and for new roles that research
and technological innovation have prospect-
ed, sugarcane is nowa revenue generator for
the Country. This relevance, of course, tends
to rise, year after year.
Happy reading!
In the 2016/17 growing season,
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